Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Busy Weekend

I'll admit I don't have that active of a social life so this weekend was a bit of a whirlwind for us.

Friday night the hubby and I attended a Christmas party for the wine group that we're in. Each couple was to bring a bottle of wine and a dish. We brought a red and appetizers. Most people did bring red wine.

It was held at Fletch's historic home and he was gracious enough to let us wander about the beautiful building while we sipped wine and nibbled.
Sadly the hubby had the camera that night and we didn't hang out the entire night. We both had our own groups that we wanted to socialize with. So we didn't get pictures of anyone from that party. Which saddens me since I might not be seeing some of them again for a long time. Oh well hindsight is twenty twenty.

We had a lovely dinner. We're a rather large group and there wasn't exactly enough table room for everyone, but plenty of seating throughout the home. Luckily we got to have a seat at the table. After dinner we had a champagne toast in the wine cellar. I suffered from major home envy. We drank way too much wine and had to sober up before going home. Don't worry, we did. A good time was had by all.
So Saturday night we had my work's Christmas party. It was held after work at the Pavillion at the winery. I didn't work that day, but some of the people who live further away did. Smart of them.

We got to see people I hadn't seen in quite some time. Unfortunately I didn't get to talk with everyone that I would have liked to, but there are only so many hours that the party would last.

After dinner we had a Chinese gift exchange. Which for those of you who don't know what this is, it is when someone opens a gift and you like it you can "steal" it. That person can then "steal" someone else's gift or open a new one. We all chose a number out of a basket and that was the picking order. A present could only be "stolen" twice and then it was frozen. Much hilarity ensues after that. And the range in gifts were as unique as the group.

Getting photos of these people is like telling a hyperactive child to sit still. You'd think they were all in the witness protection program. So the hubby took lots of group shots of people when they weren't paying attention. Yes we had to be sneaky. Very paranoid group I work with. They just don't like cameras for some reason. I thought after all the wine people would have mellowed out. Silly me. Hey at least this time we remembered to get pictures.
At the end of the evening we all felt pretty much like Norah, the winemaker's dog, here. Tired. We'd eaten lots of food and drank lots of wine. Not nearly as much as the night before I promise.

We were able to try some wine from the library. Plus we'd had a champagne toast before the gift exchange. A good time was had by all.

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