Saturday, January 26, 2008

Best Commercial Ever!

So the hubby and I sat and watched Super Bowl's Greatest 2008 Commercials. I normally watch the Super Bowl for the commercial. Okay so I'm not a football fanatic. I don't complain when the hubby wants to watch it though.

The greatest commercial was voted Coke's Mean Joe Green's commercial from the 80's. I have to agree with them. It's a classic! How can you not get a warm fuzzy seeing that commercial? It's been number one something like seven times. Budweiser came in second and third. Not my favorites, but good ones.

Which led the hubby and I to another discussion on how much we enjoyed Budweiser's commercials. Well except for the Whaz Up fad. I always look forward to their commercials. I know many would say I'm biased because we're from the area, but their advertisers are brilliant.

Now the commercial below is the best ever! It was only aired once because they didn't want to get any financial gain off of it. It's an emotional one, so you have been warned.

I get chocked up when they bow.

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