Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Tasty Treat

What does one do after visiting a mansion? Why go have gelato of course!

We went to Cold Fusion after the tour. My parents had not had gelato and I thought on a hot day it would be a nice treat.

Mom had Raspberry and Mudslide. As you can see she enjoyed it thoroughly and was able to finish it all. It was quite good. I think I would follow her choice of flavors in the future.

Dad had Rum Raisin and Pana Cotta. I think I know where I get my attitude from. =) Each flavor is good in their own right, but Dad didn't really care for Rum Raisin once he'd gotten it. Even though he did sample it. The two flavors combined just did not do well.

I had Chocolate Amaretto. Which actually tasted like a chocolate covered cherry. Which is good, but not my cup of tea. I should stay with fruits. I liked the prickly cactus pear that I tried. Their servings are huge and I'm not a major ice cream eater.

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