Thursday, September 4, 2008

Free Stuff And the Problems They Incur

My buddy John blogged his rant about Craigslist so now I guess it's my turn.

So we're moving soon and decided to get rid of a few things so they'd stop following us around. It's old stuff so I figured why not give it away. Logical right? Let me state this first and foremost. I have nothing against Cragslist personally, just the morons who use it.

It's free people! Don't expect like new condition and ask me to call your cell or ask for my phone number. I do not give out my number to anyone I don't know. Some of the questions I got were so stupid I just told the person that I'd already given it away. Others were asking if I had other things to go with it. If I did don't you think I would have listed them? And the dickering over when to come get it. Ugh!

I had people wanting to come over the weekend to get it. Nope I stated that this had to be gone by Friday afternoon or it was going to the Good Will. I stated first come first served. Another statement was I don't want to drive all the way out there if you're gonna give this to another person. Huh? If I promise the listed item to you then I will not give it to anyone else. What's wrong with people?

I only wish they had the Freecycle site here, because it's much easier to use and you don't have to deal with that stupidity.

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JA3 said...

They do have Freecycle for Newport, dear. Gave away a bunch of stuff there, too. But Craigslist, for all the problems, seems to get more eyes.