Friday, August 3, 2007

Being A Good Hostess Even If It Means You Alienate Your Cat

As we get ready for some friends to come for a visit I decided to shampoo my carpets. I have pets and he's allergic.

So being the good hostess that I am I'm trying to make life a little easier for our guests. I'd like our friend to still be breathing when he leaves. I'm pretty sure his wife would like this as well. Of course I don't own a carpet shampooer so I had to go rent one from the local Food Lion. So after man handling that machine into my little car and getting it home and then moving furniture to do a true cleaning I'm waiting for the carpets to dry. But I didn't stop there, I took the shampooer upstairs and did the carpets up there. Even though they won't be staying the night with us.

But now I am dealing with the repercussions. My cat is griping that the carpets are wet. And the dog is out of sorts because there's so much stuff on the bed he can't lay on it and he can't sleep upstairs because the carpets are wet. Mom just rocked their little worlds with that loud machine and now the floors feel funky. You know it's bad when the cat will go and gripe to the hubby.

Should I be afraid to go to sleep tonight? Odie does have an evil glint in his eyes. Or has my cat always looked like that? I know the dog's forgiven me. I bought him off with a pig ear, but cat's are much more complex and not as easily manipulated as dogs. Knowing my tubby tabby he'll just wake me numerous times throughout the night wanting to chat.

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G. said...

If he is anything like Kenny (Ted) he will just piss in your favorite pair of shoes.

best of luck to you