Sunday, August 5, 2007

Weddings and All The Hoopla That It Entails

So last night I helped a friend cater a wedding. Serving food and such. Lucky I got some remittance for my services as it was hot, humid and generally unpleasant in the black jeans that I was required to wear. Let's just say I was so happy to get in my little air conditioned car to drive home at ten that night. Oh yeah they had a belly dancer at the wedding too. Turns out she was the sister of the bride. The strange things people will have at their wedding receptions. On to my story.

As I was helping carry bottled waters out to where the service was to be held a thought occured to me. We've gotten too bogged down with the frou frous of weddings. It was nearly one hundred degrees at six in the evening and this bride had her groom in a tux and everyone else in formal wear. How awful! They all looked very nice, but completely overheated. I joked with the bartender that if it were me I would go with sundresses and khaki shorts and hawaiian shirts.

I brought this whole line of thinking up to my adoring hubby at breakfast the next morning. At first he stated that we had already exchanged vows why would we need to do it again. But I'm guessing the glare I sent his way this time made him rethink his statement. I mentioned it would be more of a party this time around. How cool would it be to exchange vows in the vineyards of our favorite winery with all of our friends around us. But instead of being all stuffy and formal we go casual. He could wear khaki shorts and a hawiian shirt. I'd wear a sundress and all of our guests could dress likewise. We did get married in the middle of August, so this would be perfect. This made him smile. Afterwards we could just have a party with wine, beer, good food and friends and family. What could be better? Of course my smarty pants hubby thought of some things to make the wedding 'better'. The pirate in him came out. We'll see if this all comes to fruition at our twentieth.

But really is there truly a need to go into debt to celebrate the union of two people? Don't get me wrong. My friend the caterer made some cash as did I. And of course the winery this young woman had her wedding at made some money. But wow all the hassle. I'm so glad that my wedding was simple.

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Sarah Pooh said...

Love the idea. I kind of wish we were going to Hawaii closer to our anniversary. It would be so neat to renew our vows on the beach. You can definately count me in on that party. ;-) You know 15 is a good number too.