Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Farewell To Friends

On August 11th our friends Derek and Sarah headed back for Illinois. Not before going with us to see Bourne Ultimatum. The movie was actaully pretty good if you could get over the crappy camera work. And I must admit I think I'm beginning to like Matt Damon as an actor. Please don't hate me as a person for that statement. But he's better than Ben Affleck. After that we hit Chipotle's for lunch and then headed to the Richmond area. Chipotle's seemed to be a reoccuring theme this week.

Of course we didn't go directly to the airport. Somehow we managed to squeeze in one more battlefield. This shouldn't have shocked me. But I did have to wonder. How the hell did we manage that? Well not an entire battlefield. Just a hill actually. We went to Malvern Hill which is where this picture was taken. I don't honestly know the significance and I didn't ask for fear of a lecture.

We thoroughly enjoyed the time with our friends. Once we got home we were exhausted. I can only imagine how Derek and Sarah felt since they had something like a two hour drive to get home once they landed. Plus their flight got delayed. Ugh! We actually went to bed early and slept for twelve hours. All that sun and constantly being on the go finally caught up with us. I think I'm getting old. Luckily the dog let us sleep. Wish I could say the same for the cat.

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Sarah Pooh said...

Loved reading your posts about your adventures. So glad you all had such a good visit. Glad you and Sarah hit it off, but you know us Sarahs....we're a lot of fun! Who doesn't like us? LOL