Sunday, August 26, 2007


Now I have played wiffleball and softball. Heck I watch baseball. Not all that often, but I do watch it once in a while. But today was the first time I'd ever played stickball. I'm a girl! Come on it's not like I went out and played ball all that often. The hubby and I went to Montross to play stickball with a friend in a field. If you're rolling your eyes you just don't know how to have good wholesome fun! Both of the boys had played before and seemed to enjoy themselves. I had fun too. We really needed more people to get a decent game going, but they did about five innings out of it. Pretty good considering the humidity.

For those of you as uninformed as I was, stickball is played with tennis balls and wooden bats. And, of course, gloves. There were only three of us so we had a bucket of tennis balls. While one person batted, another pitched. The third person was in the outfield. I was the outfield. I didn't mind, because truly I suck while at bat. It was hot as all get out even though it was only supposed to be in the eighties. There are other rules and such that go with the game, but you get the gist.

The pictures aren't of the best quality, because I took them with my camera phone while I was out in the field and was hoping the boys wouldn't notice me. We met up around three and left around five. Stopping for waters once and beers at the end. I was smart enough to bring both. The other thing that the boys did that I thought was kind of neat, but beyond my knowledge of baseball was call out old players from their favorite team as they went to bat. The hubby chose the Cardinals and Phil chose the Yankees.

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