Saturday, September 29, 2007

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

On the 16th of September we went to a Nationals game at RFK before the stadium was closed down. The last game, I believe, was the 23rd. They played the Braves and were, sadly, beaten. We went with our friend Phil. It had been over ten years since I had attended a Major League Baseball game, so I was excited. Phil even caught a foul ball. There was beautiful weather and I thought we had pretty good seats. The sun was shining, it wasn't too hot and we had hot dogs and beer. Could it get any better? Well... Only if the Nationals had won. Phil told us stories of the of a younger RFK stadium and we did a bit of exploring after the game. It was nice to see Braves and National fans could behave themselves. We even road the Metro, which was a first for me and the hubby.

So last night, September 28th, the hubby and I went to an Orioles game at Camden Yards. Once again it was a wonderful night. The weather was agreeable, our seats were good and we had hot dogs and beer. The Orioles played the Yankees and the Orioles won!

Just a few minor things that drove me nuts.

The two young ladies who sat behind me during the game. If I heard 'dude' or 'oh my god' one more time I think I was going to go postal. And oh sweetie, one word of advice holding up a sign telling Jeter you want to have his baby is TACKY! And getting pissed that they kept showing people with signs for Orioles players is just stupid, please remember where you are. Just another word of advise, since you seem to need it, you are not the first to come up with the idea of waiting after the game to see the team and follow them to their hotel. Now a days that's called stalking. Also if you actually watch the game instead of flapping your gums the whole time you might actually see that there is action on the field. There is not more things going on during a football game than a baseball game. Yes, she repeatedly said that. Sadly baseball may require a bit more thought than you are capable of.

Also I guess I'm used to Cardinal fans. We applaud the opposing team when they make a good play and are well behaved. I can't say that about the Yankee fans. They were loud, pretty much liquored up, obnoxious and even booed their own team at times. Never heard that one before. They started leaving before the game was over, assuming that their team won. Stupid them. The Orioles tied it up at the bottom of the ninth and won it in the tenth inning.

All in all it was a good game though. The hubby and I had lots of fun.

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