Monday, September 10, 2007

Enough With The Dog Let's Focus On Me!

Our yellow tabby has let us know in no uncertain terms that we have been spending WAY too much time with the dog. And his is so not pleased about the whole thing. So here I am posting a blog on my cat. God I am so messed up! Ever dealt with a loud-mouth cranky cat at two in the morning? It ain't fun. Because that is the time that he decides we must discuss this injustice. Only I don't exactly speak kitty.

Never mind that he's spoiled and gets to sleep in the bed with us at night. Or that he gets fed at 6:30 in the morning and 9 at night. Plus he normally gets snacks around 6 in the evening. That just doesn't cut it when he knows we've been taking Kaiser out to do fun things. He's not sure what we do, but he's sure it's fun. I really need to learn to speak kitty cat and explain things to him. I really don't see him as one that likes going out on a boat or going to battlefields. But then again you never know with a cat. They are contrary animals.

Oh good Lord I have gone over the deep end. Did I just say I need to learn kitty cat? Well I hope this appeases my cat. Or at least shuts him up so he'll let me sleep at least one night all the way through.

Cute though isn't he?

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