Sunday, January 13, 2008

Well I Never! And I Won't Ever Again!

So I finally got my Christmas present from the hubby on the 10th. It's a really nice digital picture frame. I love it, but I digress. The lateness of this one was not his fault. He was told that it would arrive on the 27th of December, so he told me on Christmas day what I would be getting. Only it didn't get here on the 27th in fact it sat in Richmond for more than 2 days. We thought it was probably stolen. So Jim waited until the 2nd figuring maybe UPS got bogged down due to the holiday and then he'd contact the company he ordered from.

Well they emailed him wanting feedback on the product. He emailed them back saying he hadn't gotten it and that it was still in UPS 'care'. And seeing as how it's there responsibility to get it to him, the customer, they should do something. They emailed him an automated response saying someone would get back to him within 48 hours. Five days later he gets an email from this tool giving him the tracking number that he already has.

Prepare for lift off. Hubby is now extremely ticked off. He shoots off an email informing them that he has the tracking number that's how he knew it was sitting in Richmond for so long. Duh! He then tells them that if he does not receive the package within five business days he will dispute charges.

Suddenly the package is on the move! Unfortunately it's now in California. Then it got to Maryland and sat there for 2 days. We both agreed that if it didn't arrive by the 10th that the charges were going to be disputed. It was there when I got home from work. Lucky for them.

Sadly they never apologized for the inconvenience or tried to make things right in anyway. The only thing that spurred these morons into actions was the threat of pulling the cash from their hands. Now they've emailed my hubby for customer feedback. He deleted the email.

TigerDirect sucks! I will never purchase anything from them EVER again! Their customer service is terrible and they do nothing to try and rectify their mistakes. If ever you need anything electronic don't go to TigerDirect!

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