Sunday, March 30, 2008


That's right ladies and gents I walked my 10K today. And I survived! So the title is actually the conversion of kilometers to miles. I was actually proud of myself. I walked it in 1 hour 39 minutes and 25 seconds. We were the only walkers, but that's okay. And of course we were the last ones in. But for me it was about finishing, not about anything else.

The picture is of Karen in her "Mad Bomber Hat". It kept her warm and I told her it would get her tons of comments. Which it did! As runners were coming back and passing us they would tell her nice hat. And some of them looked like they were in pain.

So I had to include this picture of 'The' Jason because he gives me such grief. Don't ever make an innocent mistake around this man. He'll never let you live it down. So I took a picture of him in his runner's tights. Much to his dismay. Hey it was COLD! He ran it in 52 minutes. His goal was 48 minutes, but that's not bad.

This was my view during most of the walk. Joanna and Karen have done this before and are in much better shape than me. They keep telling me that I did a good job though. I've learned a few things for if I want to do this again. They were already trying to talk me into a 5K before we even finished the 10K. Oh the insanity!

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