Saturday, March 29, 2008

Showing My Age

The other night the hubby and I went to the O Club for wing night with some friends. That's the Officer's Club for those of you who don't speak Navy. We were all there to meet Julie's hubby, Chad and daughter Heidi. Who were up for the weekend from the Norfolk, VA area. At least that's the excuse we were using for going out.

For once I was the DD (designated driver) instead of the hubby. Normally he's the one who drives. It was finally my turn. Bout time I guess you would say. So I ordered a Roy Rogers, which is a Coke with Cherry Grenadine in it. Only they no longer call it a Roy Rogers because kids no longer know who he is. Is that not sad? Have they never watched Die Hard? Bruce Willis mentions him! They now call it a Batman. Got to catch up with the times. They still call a Shirley Temple by the same name. Which is a Sprite or Ginger Ale and Cherry Grenadine. Isn't she older than Roy Rogers? An Arnold Palmer is lemonade and iced tea.

So I guess I'm finally feeling my age. Or actually I guess I'm feeling old.

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