Sunday, March 23, 2008


My buddy, Greta, used to wax poetic about whoopie pies. At first I was confused by this. What the heck was a whoopie pie? To this Midwestern girl it looked like an overgrown Suzy Q. Only they were round and not as messy. I didn't have much of a sweet tooth at the time, so I didn't see the big deal.

Apparently she couldn't get them in Norfolk and I don't recall ever seeing them when I was growing up in Illinois. She had family in Maine that would send them to her. And she was ecstatic when they arrived. Would go into a near sugar high over them.

Moving to Rhode Island I found whoopie pies in the store and it made me think of my buddy. So I purchased one just to see if it was as good as she said it was. I know she'd shared them with me in the past, but can't remember much about them. Guess your taste buds change over time.

I now see the appeal. Yum! So sweet and moist. It can be very addictive. I'll have to be careful or else I'll be gaining a LOT of weight from those tasty treats.

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