Monday, June 23, 2008

A Day With The Ponies

Saturday we went to watch our very first Polo game with our buddies John and Ruth. Of course Jim had to get a picture of John taking a picture of something. So I just had to share. Hey it's not like he's doing anything embarrassing and we had to laugh that Jim decided to take the picture.

I normally don't like to do duplicate posts, but I didn't put all the pictures up on our site. I didn't even realize there was a Polo Club here in Rhode Island. I guess that was silly of me since the rich have been summering here forever. This weekend the home team played Scotland. That's right a team from Scotland came all the way out here to play. The horses were from here. I had asked the question earlier.

This is as close as your going to get with me taking photos of these horses. As lovely and graceful as they are, I'm still keeping my distance. Still got that fear! We were close enough that while sitting on the ground you could feel them galloping by.

It was a lovely day. The temperature reached somewhere in the mid 70s and there was a slight breeze. It was a good excuse to shoot the breeze with friends. Chris and Ruth seemed to have found something amusing in this photo.

Although I still don't know all of the rules to Polo, John and Ruth were more than happy to explain things as they happened. The chukas, or innings, were fairly short and the game went pretty quickly.

Theo had lots of fun visiting with everyone and trying to get into everything. He even had a friend or two to socialize with.

There was even a group of bagpipers that marched on the field. I'm not sure Theo was all that impressed with it. Heidi on the other hand did try to dance to it. This shot is while they were practicing, that's why it's so close up.

And, of course, I can't do this post without showing off my hubby being a brat. We thought this was pretty funny actually. Luckily our friends have a sense of humor or Ruth might have knocked him into next Tuesday.

While Heidi and Julie enjoyed these cherries the adults imbibed in alcoholic beverages. I brought a bottle of Rosato and wished I had brought another. At least I know what I need to bring next time around. And believe me there will be a next time.

Of course you have to see the final score. It got kind of close there at the end. It was a very pleasant experience. I even went out to 'turn over divots' although there weren't any left to turn over when I got there. And we laughed hysterically at all the dogs running around eating the steaming divots. Yuck! At the end of the day it was very easy to get out of the parking area and there was even a police officer guiding traffic so you could get out on the main road. Very cool.

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Anonymous said...

Not only was he a foul mouthed little man... to me he was a comedic god! he will be missed.