Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm A Big Dog

As long as Momma has my back!

Today Kaiser went to the vet's office on base to update some of his shots. All was fine until we came out of the room and saw the four or five dogs in the tiny waiting room. Kaiser likes to establish that he's 'top dog' right away by growling and barking and of course the other dogs had to respond. But when Kaiser saw the Great Dane, well he wasn't sure what to think. He'd never seen one before. He looked at it and then looked at me like we'd just discovered an alien. It was pretty funny as he took the shocked step backwards and then tried to bristle to show that he wasn't afraid.

After my explanation of the possible problem and seeing how the other dogs were getting more excitable the vet let us leave through another exit. Insert my eye roll here at my dog's attitude. Of course I had to come back in to pay for said shots and had to laugh as the Great Dane was trying to sit on his owner's lap.

Of course before seeing the other dogs my silly mutt was playing coy with the vet assistant. And they all thought he was soo cute! I swear it's like having a toddler who's throwing a tantrum sometimes. And of course he's all big and bad as long as I'm there to back him up.

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