Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Father's Day Wish

Today is Father's Day, so to any dad's out there who happen upon my blog I wish you a very happy Father's Day. Now get off the computer once you've finished my post and spend time with your family! =)

This picture of my dad is a few years old. But what is a Father's Day post without a picture or two of one's daddy? Seeing as I'm in Rhode Island at the moment and my dad is normally in somewhere in the Midwest we don't get to see each other much. He's a truck driver, so he's on the move a lot. Hey you didn't think I'd give out my parents location did you? I'm not nuts! I will try to call him today and relay my love to him. I miss him and my mom a bunch.

My luck has changed though. My parents will be coming to Rhode Island for a visit in July. Hooray! The last time I saw them was Thanksgiving of last year. That's when this picture was taken. And yes my cat does think that all guests are there to see him. Especially his grandma and grandpa.

So in closing I hope all those dads out there have a Happy Father's Day, especially mine!

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