Friday, July 11, 2008

Waiting To Exhale

I've been hesitant to post this as we have yet to hear back from our Realtor. Call me superstitious if you must, but I don't care. Over the 4th of July weekend the hubby and I went house hunting.

Boy what an experience that was. We'd been working with a Realtor via the Internet. It's a person we'd worked with in the past and trust. We were checking out houses on the websites and emailing her the information on the ones we liked. We felt confident about our organization and she seemed to understand what we needed/wanted.

So we drove something like 10 hours to Virginia to start the search. Ugh! And please note that during this time we were also able to visit friends and I was able to work on my photography class assignment. I think by the time we finally left we'd looked at something like 30 houses. That may not seem like a lot to many people until you figure we did it in like 3 days. It was exhausting.

We did find something we liked and made an offer. Suddenly someone else was interested in the house we just put a bid on. Hmm. I found that a bit odd since it had been on the market since January, but hey things like this can happen. So we adjusted our offer a bit. They countered and we accommodated. They made us wait nearly an entire day before letting us know that they accepted the other bid. I was royally peeved.

We started looking again. And as luck would have it we found another house we liked. We didn't jump on it immediately though. We worried about jumping into something too soon, but after driving home and discussing it we decided we did really like it. We've got a bid on it and are waiting to hear their counter. Hence the title. There's been a delay on their response. Hopefully we'll hear soon and it will be positive.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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JA3 said...

You're so much braver than we are. We HAVE the contract, I'm pretty sure I know where the down payment is coming from, and I *still* won't post about it on the blog. :) You know that story.