Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I R Sneaky U No See Me

So today I went grocery shopping and forgot my canvas bags that I normally would have with me. Bad me! Luckily Farm Fresh asked if I wanted paper or plastic. As you can see I chose wisely.

Not only can I use these to wrap up packages for mailing, but I made two kitties very happy.

Although Kyla does look a little ticked off. She thought she was pretty well hidden from me. Or maybe she was mad that she didn't get to go shopping. More likely she was miffed that there was nothing in the bag for her to eat.

Pumpkin looks a bit more put upon.

This is about the only picture I got of him before Kyla started attacking the bag. Poor Pumpkin!

Although I think his camouflage is better than Kyla's. He could almost blend in with his surroundings.

Not long after this we had kitty smack down occur.

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