Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Cookies

Every year around Christmas I bake cookies to give away. We don't need them sitting around. I mean they're yummy and all, but I don't want us eating them all by ourselves. I'm not looking to add any more pounds on with that temptation sitting around. It's just not in the holiday spirit either.

When I started this tradition we were living on base. So I would make a batch for security, the doctor's office, the housing office and, of course, my sweet baboo's work. Now that's only four groups, so I normally sent out pretty big platters with three to four kinds of cookies as well as some candy on it. This year I decided to do it for the people on the street I live on. I figured it would be a great way to meet all my neighbors. That's right we've been in our home something like three months and I've met only one neighbor.

Most people don't realize how much work goes into the goodies that they get. They just gobble them down. I was kind enough to include a list of the cookies I made with the box. That way if they liked something they could research it. Or, better yet, come talk to me! I only made three types of cookies this year. There were just too many batches to get out to do more than that. May sound grinchy, but I'm only one person. And I didn't want to get grouchy about doing this. I made my great grandma's applesauce cookies (which are always a hit), peanut butter blossoms and, of course, sugar cookies. Easy to do except for the icing. That can be a bear at times.

I delivered eight of these boxes. Plus I took a large box to a friend's party. One of my neighbors wasn't home and the other 'house' has been turned into a duplex. Not something I was happy to hear about. Considering this is supposed to be zoned for single family dwellings only. Don't know how they got away with that.

I probably made something like 20 dozen cookies. Hopefully everyone enjoyed them. We have noticed that our neighbors wave at us more now. Nothing like a little sugar to get into the good graces of our neighbors. :-)

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