Thursday, March 26, 2009


I meant to post this sooner, but I must admit I have been very busy. It's not an excuse I swear. So I start out with an apology.

All military spouses know about homecomings. Your spouse has been gone for six months or more. It's a happy time. But it's also a time of readjustment. You've spent all this time by yourself. Or with your children, but either way you've been the only adult in your house. You've done things the way you want, eaten when you wanted and basically done things your way.

Now your spouse is back. There is someone else to consider now. And said spouse tends to question everything you do and why you do it that way.

Most people don't understand the military marriage. You do everything while your spouse is gone. And it can be hard to release that control for some. For others they can't wait to hand over some of the load.

So welcome home to those who have returned. Fair winds and following seas to those who have gone. Take hope spouses your dearest loved one will return to you. And if your spouse has returned home, congrats. If said spouse is starting to drive you nuts then all is returning to normal.

And on that note... Welcome home Steve! We missed you.


JA3 said...

LOL! How did I know exactly who you were talking about?

Michelle D. said...

Cause when you know someone long enough. They become pretty see through.

Am I invisible yet?