Monday, April 20, 2009

Double Baby Shower

So Sunday afternoon I helped co-host a double baby shower for two of the women on the ship. Both of whom are due in May. One of whom is about to leave the ship. My house isn't big enough to accommodate groups larger than five or six. So Kelli was gracious enough to help me by having it at her lovely home. Thankfully her daughter, Madison, was there to take a group picture of us.

The back row is Diana, Nora, Kelli, me, Sarah and Jacqueline. The front row is Gabby, Sandy, Emma and Jasmine.

Jasmine was kind enough to make diaper cakes for both of our mommy-to-bes. I'd never seen or heard of a diaper cake before. So we were all interested at taking a look at it. I must say that I think Jasmine is very talented and if I have another baby shower to attend, then I'll be giving her a call.

Since neither mother-to-be knew the sex of their babies we did all the colors in yellow, green and a bit of purple. Not knowing the sex of the baby seems to be the latest trend. I'm not sure why, but it's the thing. The not knowing would drive me bonkers. But that's me. I like to know everything.

Of course I had to take pictures of the Mommy-to-be. For some reason pregnant women just glow.

And yes that is a tiara on their heads. Sunday was their day and we wanted to treat them like princesses.

Sandy is our lovely blond mommy. Her darling little girl, Melissa, didn't attend the shower. But she did get a few gifts of her own.

We didn't want her to feel left out. Becoming a big sister can be a bit hard on a young child.

We're sure she'll do just fine.

I got a close up of Emma. I think she looks lovely in this photo.

For closing in on the due date for her first child, she is extremely calm. I think I'd be a nervous wreck.

One of the many reasons I'm not going to have any!

We played a number of games at the baby shower, but there was one game that I think everyone will agree was the most fun. The Toilet Paper Diaper was a hilarious hit. We were laughing so hard I nearly fell over. I took a lot of pictures of this, but am only posting the end result.

The object of this game? Besides hilarity and humiliation?

Well two teams make 'diapers' out of toilet paper and tape on their adult baby. And this case they also used masking tape and markers. The moms then chooses a winner. We had a tie. But after the coin toss, Team Pamper won. Team Couture was given an honorable mention.
I had to take a front and back shot because both teams did fun things with the back of their 'diapers'.

All in all everyone had a really good time.

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