Monday, January 25, 2010

Meandering St. Louis With My Brother

So over the weekend I flew home for my mom's surprise 60th birthday party. My brother was sweet enough to let me stay with him. He also was kind enough to play tour guide. He took me to his place of work, St. Louis Union Station Marriott. I didn't realize this is where he works was where I honey mooned some 16 years ago. Funny how life works.

I had to get a picture of my brother at his bar.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity of getting a picture of the glass floor. Or the safe that the queen stored her jewels in.

I'm interested in the history of Lemp Mansion. I didn't realize they had opened it back up and turned it into an inn and restuarant. If I'd had the time I would have gone to dinner there.

The brewery itself is a stones throw from the house. So of course I had to snap this photo.

And Bevo Mills is just a few blocks from my brother's house. So we stopped to take a picture. It had been closed down, but has apparently reopened.

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