Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lonely Hearts Club

We all have our own group of friends. And as military wives, I think it's really important for you to have your own personal support group. When we first moved to the area we're in my hubby had a shipmate that lived just a few blocks away from our new place. Said shipmate had his wife call me up within a week of us moving in. The guys were gone, so we met up for lunch. She's been my bff ever since.

Our hubby's were on the same ship so we knew EXACTLY what the other was going through. Not long after meeting Greta, she introduced me to John, our other Navy wife. Yes I see the irony in it. His spouse is the military person.

So while our spouses were gone we would get together once a week and have dinner and drinks. We'd take turns hosting it at our homes. We all lived within a two mile radius of each other, which made getting home very easy. lol We loved it when it was John's turn, because he's a FANTASTIC cook. Greta normally ordered something and I would cook. My cooking in NO way compares to John's. The Lonely Hearts Club was formed. This first picture is of all of us in 2002 Christmas time.

We've moved away and moved back. Such is the military life. But we've never lost touch. We still call on each other. They've pet sat for me and I've baby sat for them. This one was just taken this month at John's house. Luckily his wonderful wife, Ruth, took the picture. She was in town. Greta and mine were not. We do not say good bye to our buddy John. We say fair winds and following seas, because we know we will see him again.

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