Thursday, January 20, 2011


In case you couldn't figure this out, I am a Navy wife. That means my hubby deploys and is gone for long periods of time. I do not post when this happens for a plethora of reasons. But the main one is for security. Both for myself, my hubby and his ship. This is something that the Navy tells you not to do. That's why I find it both funny and irritating when the local news names the ship, how long they're deploying and where they're going on the day they leave. But that's a rant for another time and place.

Needless to say these are homecoming pictures. My sweetie has been home for a bit now and I figured I could post this with no issues. Not that I have a bunch of readers or anything out there. Thanks to all (what?) three of you!

The first one is the FIRST glance I got of the ship. There was a tent set up outside to protect us from the chilly weather and seats, because let me tell you standing on concrete for over an hour can do a number on you. Plus we had a DJ, which was cool but I really wanted to tell him to play some up beat tunes and to shut the *@!& up! I didn't need him to tell me that the Navy is like one big family or how much we've missed each other.

The second shot is the ship coming closer.

The third shot is a tug helping the ship maneuver in. Some people had never seen a ship coming pier side and were asking random questions. Luckily a few of us around them were able to answer.

You could feel the anticipation! The crowd was getting SO excited. When did those butterflies turn into a herd of stampeding elephants? It seemed to take FOREVER. I know it didn't, but when you've waited six months to see the one you love and know they're only yards away it can really get you psyched.

Finally they're pier side. Now all we had to do was wait for the first kiss, first hug and the new babies to be seen first. Then chaos ensued! There were TV stations there filming, but I was in no way going to be seen blubbering on my hubby's shoulder, glad that he's home, or our first kiss. Sadly I didn't get a photo of that first hug or kiss, but I got the important thing... My hubby!

So now he's home safe and sound. All we need to do no is readjust to living together again and drive each other crazy doing it. It's fantastic!!!


LindaWright said...


Thanks for posting this - it makes me feel almost like I was there. Love you guys.


Anonymous said...

I am way, way, WAY behind on my blog reading, but I love this post for so many reasons.

So glad you are home, Jim!