Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Vella Gulf Homecoming

On August 11th I was fortunate enough to take photos of the homecoming of the USS Vella Gulf for a friend.  This was her husband's last command at sea and I thought they might enjoy having some photos.  

It felt so odd.  Was it only a year ago that I was standing on the pier waiting for the same ship and my own hubby's return?  It was so strange!

The funny thing was I did see a few people that I knew when my sweetie was on board and even saw the old chaplain.  He was there with the current chaplain's wife.  How awesome was that?

The Navy Band was in rare form.

Two adorable sisters waiting for Dad.

The crowd goes wild at this sight.

Why does it seem to take so long?

Waiting on the pier with Super Freak & Hippie Chick.

Jack Jack went on the tiger cruise.

I think I was spotted.

Almost on terra firma!  

First embrace.

Talking with the media.  Can't avoid it.
A familiar face.  The former chaps!

Surprise proposal.  So sweet!

Adorable couple.

A running joke and photo that's a tradition of sorts.

The last time that this may happen again.
Happy family.

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