Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Farmer's Market CSA - Week 12

This is the final week of our adventure with the CSA at our Farmer's Market.  

Sadly, I was too lazy to set everything up and take a photo of it.  Again!

They gave us a red cabbage.  Seriously?  I never got around to using the first one.  They did give us a recipe to use the cabbage with.  Here's hoping I get to it before it goes bad.

Romaine lettuce.  Okay I can't complain about this one because this will get used.  Be it a salad or on a sandwich.  So yum!!

Rapeni.  Okay I'd never heard of this.  So I'm unsure if I'm happy about it or not.  I couldn't even find it on a VERY brief search on google.  Thankfully they provided a recipe.  Thankfully they also state it's a broccoli rabe, which helps a search on it.

Kale Siberrian.  I never get tired of getting Kale.  This is one veggie that I've come to love using!  I have an acorn squash on hand, so I'll be making soup very soon.  Which is a good thing being as it's winter and chilly!

One very large lemon, that was grown here.  Hooray!  Who can't find a use for a lemon?  Nice to see some citrus in the mix.

Four kiwi.  Okay now that seemed to come out of left field.  I always think of kiwi as a bit exotic, but it was there.  Yum!  I'm thinking fresh fruit for breakfast one morning soon.

And last, but not least...  Salted in the shell peanuts!  Yum!

All in all a really good haul. 

Sadly we won't be signing up for the next installment with the CSA.  But I do know when to check out the Farmer's Market for new stuff.

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