Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Adventures of Kaiser Dawg

We took our dog with us to the Chancellorsville battlefield. He was so excited that finally his parents were taking him out that I thought he was going to take flight as fast as that tail was going. We were going on an adventure and he was so ready.

Needless to say Kaiser got plenty of treats when we finally got home.

Kaiser loves rides in the car. He's very patient too. Except for when mom gets out to run into Wal-mart for a few minutes. Guess he thought he should get to go too.

After the 3.6 mile walking tour though, Kaiser has decided that maybe this whole going out with the parents thing isn't so fantastic. He was whooped by the time we finished the walk. Then the poor baby had to suffer through a driving tour. He was so well behaved though.

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Sarah Pooh said...

Tell Kaiser that Auntie Sarah is so proud of him for being such a good boy. :-)