Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Battlefield Journey Begins

So Tuesday, August 7th we went to the Battle of Manassas. Also known as the Battle of Bull Run for those of you from the North. I'm not a major hisotry buff or anything, but my hubby and his best buddy are so we went. Derek is on vacation and this is what he enjoys. It was hot and humid, but I'd say it was interesting. We were smart we brought waters and sunscreen. I'm pretty much the photographer on these outings, so here's a picture of the hubby, our buddy Derek and his lovely wife Sarah.

Like I said it was interesting, but they focused more on the first battle than the second one. It really is interesting to see when you actually get on the battlefield and take a look around. And the park rangers really seem to like to hear themselves talk. We took the driving tour of the second battle and it kind of sucked.

I know this is a bit late in getting posted, but I've been busy so sue me.

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