Sunday, February 24, 2008

House Warming

So the hubby and I were invited out to the winemakers house yesterday. He and his wife had bought a home that was built around 1910 and had only been in it for a few months. They're not ready to entertain, but seeing as how the hubby and I are moving they decided to have us over for lunch so we could see the place. The picture isn't from their house but it was from later that day. The hubby and I are in the middle.

We had a lovely time. Maria enjoys cooking and does a wonderful job at it. We drank some wine. Maybe I should make that plural. We had 2 wines and a port. ;-) We chatted and were given the tour. Of course Norah, their Bichon Frise, escorted us throughout the place. Just like the good little hostess she is. Although the house is old you don't get that feeling at all. The colors that the rooms have been painted give it a light and airy feeling. And there was lovely woodwork in the house. I'm a sucker for that. And of course the hard wood floors.

We even went outside to see Maria's plans for the yard and met Boo, their other dog. I had a very nice time. We finally had to leave because we had another social obligation. One I might add that Bill and Maria would be attending as well, but we all need time to get ready for such things. Of course, with Bill and Maria I think we could have stayed all night and chatted. Not just about wine. That's the fun part. But you never want to over stay your welcome.

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