Sunday, November 9, 2008

Puppy Love

Poor Kaiser! I've blogged about the kitties a lot and not said a word about him.

He likes to lay on the bed during the day. But he will be more than happy to leave the bed if you want to take a nap. He's not into napping with anyone.

He's getting on in years, but will bark if he hears any noises. He feels it's his civic duty to alert me to the presence of any perceived threat. And he won't stop until I go in and tell him I hear him.

Look at those beautiful eyes! Is he not the sweetest looking thing you've ever seen?

Usually he's smiling, but I'd just woken him up. I'd wanted him to go out for a little while because I was heading out for the day. He was not pleased with disruption to his quality napping time.

He did, however, wag his tail when I brought out the camera. He knows when I'm going to take pictures and that they will normally go on the blog.

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