Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We've Been Robbed!

There is nothing wrong with these photos. Except for the fact that some miscreant stole our license plates!!

Apparently sometime between Saturday morning and Sunday morning someone came into my yard, probably at night, and took my license plates.

Great thing for the hubby to come home to. Ugh!
I didn't even realize it. I mean how often do you honestly look at your plates? I was pulled over by a cop. Which freaked me out because I was sure I hadn't been speeding or anything. Which I hadn't. He filled out an incident report and now I have a number to give the DMV.

It was stolen either for the stickers or someone stole a car and needed new plates. This is apparently something that happens quite a bit in Hampton Roads. Apparently there are some cheap people out there. Our Civic League Officer warned us about it. I should have paid more attention.

Of course this would happen to me on a Sunday, the DMV was closed. But there was no relief in sight. Martin Luther King's birthday was Monday, so the DMV was closed. And Tuesday is the inauguration and the office is closed. The officer even felt for me. He mentioned I could do it online, but that would take longer.

I had to rush home to make sure that I still had plates on the car. Thankfully they were still there.

So now Wednesday I'll be at the DMV trying to get new plates and straighten things out. Gr! I have real special thoughts for the person or persons who did this and they aren't nice. I know there's probably no way of finding them, but I hope they are caught and prosecuted. Rot in jail scum!

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LindaWright said...

It's a popular thing for theives to remove the stickers only from the license plates in parking garages in downtown St. Louis. I'm not sure how the thief is able to reuse them but the cops know about it, as does the DMV.

Be sure to keep all the paperwork regarding the theft and re-purchase of plates. If it happens again, the fee should be less and less.

I hate these things but, maybe, you need to get car alarms - just in case.