Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Night

So on Halloween night I sit outside to give the trick or treaters their candy. The constant knocking on my door drives the dog insane and he in turn drives me up the wall.

It was nice enough that I had my windows open to let in some of the nice, crisp fall air. When I turned around this is what I saw. Pumpkin spent about a half hour trying to convince me that he needed to be outside as well. It was too funny so I had to share. Sadly he didn't get his wish.

Every Halloween my best friend brings her son over to trick or treat and I take a picture of them. This year she dressed as Buffy and he dressed as Spike. If you ask him he'll tell you that he's a Billy Idol vampire. This is them hissing at me. Sadly Buffy didn't kick butt and Spike got the better of her.

Of course we had to have one of him hiding behind the cape. Look into my eyes! Insert that maniacal laughter in here.

I think he had a great time. Of course he kept eyeballing my bowl of candy even though he just got a treat bag chocked full of treats. Probably didn't help that Mommy kept snagging goodies. I thought it was funny though!

Before it got too dark I did manage to snap this shot of a dad and his two daughters. You can't beat Batman leading the way for Batgirl and Superwoman. Gotta love it!!!

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