Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Lights

I refuse to check out Christmas light displays until after Thanksgiving. So after we got back from Disney my sister's family decided to take us all to Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO.

This time I did take my camera with me and got this shot of just a small sample of the lights while we were there. There were tons more, but I liked this one near the water the best.

I rarely have pictures of myself since I'm normally the one taking the pictures. That and I just don't like having my picture taken. Body issues. But that's another story entirely. In case you didn't notice, it was very COLD that night. So I have this one thanks to Phillip, my brother-in-law.

Phillip also got this one of me with my sister and nephew. Isn't the one in the middle adorable? He's my little Tater Tot! And such a little snuggler. That may have had something to do with how cold it was. lol

I had to get this one of the entire Toto family. It was just too funny to pass up! And as you might be able to tell there were many in the group who were willing to ham it up. Since there were only 4 gingerbread people I told my little Tater Tot to pretend like he was going to take a bite of them.

We did 5 theme parks in 4 days. One of those days was devoted to travel. So to say I'm exhausted would be a bit of an understatement.

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lala [mrs. new guy] said...

i want to go driving with my husband to see some christmas lights. :] he was gone last year and i went back east, and our first year here in WA we traveled a bit too, so we've never really done the holidays at "home," where we live. i'm looking forward to it; maybe i'll post pics too.

thanks so much for your comment on my last post. i think i was depressed without really thinking "hey, i'm depressed" and your comment really cheered me up when i read it.

thanks for reading my blog even when it's about nothing and i'm the worst commenter everrr. :D